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Welcome to the Narratives supplement to the Parks and Recreation Collection, a structured, open-access repository of contemporary and historical knowledge about parks and leisure in Australia, New Zealand and the western Pacific Islands.

The Collection has two main elements:

Document repository

PaRC includes a document library housed on the website of the peak industry body Parks and Leisure. Collection criteria and contact details are explained on that site.

Narratives (this site, under development)

PaRC will include textual narratives explaining key themes in parks and leisure. Cascading from general to specific, eventually they will include variously concept summaries, subject summaries and geographic summaries. This element has been nick-named “An Australasian Wikipedia of Parks and Leisure”.

Contributions from practitioners and scholars willing to capture and summarise their knowledge are welcome – by adding a narrative on a new subject, by amending text of an existing narrative or by appending an observation or comment. Refer to the Support the PaRC project for details.

Latest News

A draft Queensland-focused working paper on Parkland Surrendered at the Time of Subdivision includes formulae for taking land for public open space in developing localities. Planners and landscape designers who know of comparable (current or historical) documents from other jurisdictions or are willing to refine this draft are invited to contact A fee is payable for quality original writing.