Ken Trafford studiously at work

Kenneth Trafford held a keen interest in horticulture from his very early teens. He studied horticulture at Burnley Horticulture College Melbourne. He secured employment in Essendon City Council’s parks department. In December 1955 he was appointed as Superintendent Parks and Gardens,Toowoomba City Council, Queensland. He resigned in December 1965 to return to Melbourne. He was appointed Superintendent Parks and Gardens, City of Sunshine, later to become Director of Parks, Gardens and Recreation.

He was appointed as a member representing trade apprentices on the Victorian Employers Committee and served as President for a number of years until his retirement from all positions in 1990.

Ken spent a number of years teaching with the Adult Education System.

Institute service

Ken Trafford became a member of the Royal Australian Institute of Parks and Recreation in the early sixties. He took an active role in the Victorian division for many years, serving as its President for two years. He was elected as a Federal Councillor and its President in 1982/83.

Ken was granted the following awards within the Institute:

Associate membership 30-9-1972

Fellow of the Institute 15-4-1984

Honorary Life Member 17-10-1989

Certificate of Recognition 30-1-1988 for “the contribution to the Australian Parks and Recreation Industry through services as President of the Institute from 1982 to 1983.”

Parks and Leisure Australia Honorary Life Fellow 1-7-1988.

PaRC service

On 17 September 1987 Ken was appointed as a Trustee of the Australian Institute of Parks and Recreation Trust Fund – Education, a position held until 31 December 2022. This 35 years of service alone would earn Ken a place in any parks and recreation Hall of Fame! Ken was one of the four Trustees who endorsed the concept behind PaRC and supported it unstintingly it during the more than five years it took to evolve.

Kenneth Trafford has given a lifetime of service to the parks, horticulture and leisure sector. On top of all that he has a generous heart. PaRC salutes him!