Lecturer and consultant Dr Ken Marriott of Victoria has generously allowed PaRC to reproduce materials from his VET courses. (It is titled “Package 2”. Package 1 is indexed under “Project briefs” as it serves a guide to local governments on managing facilities).

Introduction to a VET course for a Diploma in Management (Recreation Planning) run from 2008-2016. Read this first. It explains the status of the materials.

Core 1 BISBINM501A Manage Information Systems

Core 2 BSBFIM501A Manage Budgets

Core 3 BSBMGT515A Manage Operational Plans

Core 4 BSBPMG510A Manage Projects

Core 5 BSBWOR502A Ensure Team Effectiveness

Elective 1 BSBMGT616A Develop and Implement Strategic Plans

Elective 2 BSBMKG408 Conduct Market Research

Elective 3 BSBMGT502A Manage People Performance