Photo of Mallee Fowl on its nest, Little Desert National Park, photo by Clive Crouch.


A leaflet dated 1985 includes a list of parks in north-western Victoria and is followed by a nature trail guide for Wyperfeld.


This circular letter introduces the Friends of Wyperfeld, established in 1976, the second Friends of National Parks group, following in the footsteps of Friends of Organ Pipes, established in 1972.


Guides to Hattah Lakes – Trees, Vegetation, Nature Trail – can be found by entering “Hattah” into the Document Library search box.


A landmark report The Need for Reservations in Desert Settlement resulting from a conference held in Nhill in 1964 is more than just one of the earliest salvos in the debates over land use in the Little Desert; it includes accounts of the contemporary views of district people and also includes appendices with lists of flora and fauna, even though these have been superseded.