MidCoast Skatepark Strategy – Final


The MidCoast Skatepark Strategy 2023 – 2035 is the most contemporary strategy of its type in Australia, having been adopted by Council in December 2023.

The Skatepark Strategy forms part of the MidCoast Parks and Recreation Planning Portfolio, which includes the following documents:

  • MidCoast Open Space and Recreation Strategy 2023 – 2035 (OSRS)
  • MidCoast Playspace Strategy 2023 – 2035
  • MidCoast Skatepark Strategy 2023 – 2035
  • MidCoast Outdoor Sports Courts Strategy 2023 – 2035, and
  • MidCoast Sports Lighting Plan 2023 – 2035

Each “sub-strategy” directly relates to the OSRS, with the OSRS being the source document for it’s sub-strategies.

The Skatepark Strategy addresses a number of unique subjects in relation to the subject of skate, including:

  • Planning for Skate, including What is a skate park, Why Skate?, Skate as an elite sport, A Skate Portfolio, Trends in Skate
  • Not in my back yard (NIMBY)
  • The Importance of being seen
  • Action Plan
  • Management and Maintenance
  • Financial