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PaRC has been created by the AIPR Trust Fund – Education, an educational trust established by the Australian Institute of Parks and Recreation (AIPR) in 1974. Parks and Leisure Australia, successor to AIPR, thanks the contemporary Trustees of the fund for their initiative in establishing the project: Dr Anne Binkley, Mr Peter Nicholls, Mr Ray Steward, Mr Ken Trafford. In 2017, the Trustees resolved to expend the Trust moneys on an annotated bibliography of significant documentary materials accompanied by an explanatory narrative. Charles Sturt University agreed to manage the project on behalf of the Trust as an element of its mission to present scholarship to the nation. The Trustees express their gratitude to Assoc. Professor Ben Wilson, Manager Andrew Cox and their colleagues at the University for administering the project through to practical completion.

We also acknowledge the service of the late Trevor Arthur, Chairman of the Trustees until his passing away in 2009, for curating the Trust over many years. The history of the Trust Fund and the far-sighted individuals who upheld its vision over more than four decades is summarised briefly in a 2018 article in the Parks and Leisure magazine.

PaRC consists of two limbs. This page appears on the Narratives site which has been public since May 2020.  The Narratives site in due course is to be merged into the Document Repository, which was switched live on 28 February 2020 and on the date of the official launch, 23 June 2021, moved from development to maintenance mode under the administration of Parks and Leisure Australia.  Please bookmark both sites and visit regularly.


Most items in PaRC are protected by copyright and are available here under various conditions. Copyright protection is automatic upon creation and does not depend upon appearance of the © symbol.

Original material: Copyright in the original Narratives and its explanatory text is held by the Secretary to the Trustees (with a view to eventual transfer to Parks and Leisure Australia when the two sites are merged). Material produced by Charles Sturt University however is copyright to the University. All this material is released under Creative Commons Licence BY-NC 4.0 (may be copied and reproduced, for non-commercial purposes, but the author and PaRC must be acknowledged)..

Republished material: PaRC is also a portal into materials for which copyright is held by other parties. The nature of archival and manuscript collections makes it difficult sometimes to determine the copyright status of an item. Wherever possible, PaRC has endeavoured to obtain permission to reproduce these materials here. For many items further reproduction is conditional and it is the user’s responsibility to comply with applicable conditions. Please contact the author and/or publisher for enquiries about the copyright status of a particular created work.

Contact us

Enquiries about management of the PaRC project may be submitted to Geoff Edwards, Secretary of the AIPR Trust Fund – Education, via, telephone 04 8850 5887 or 02 9136 8019.

To contribute Narrative content, refer to the Support the PaRC project page. To contribute documents, refer to the Contact form on the Document Repository site.