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Guidelines for Content Creators

Purpose and audience of PaRC Narratives
The purpose of the Narratives is to preserve and make accessible historical and contemporary knowledge of parks, leisure and open space through reliable overviews and explanations of key concepts, key subjects and geographical areas. A feature of modern life is that an inquirer can access vast volumes of information at a web-fingertip – but it comes without context or verification.

The target audience includes:

  • professionals, practitioners and potential participants in the parks, leisure and planning sectors;
  • managers and executives in authorities administering parks, leisure and planning functions;
  • academics, students and librarians;
  • professionals and practitioners of related disciplines such as surveying and psychology;
  • policy analysts within government and peak bodies; and
  • the general public.

To keep faith with the intentions of the founders of the Trust Fund, the Narratives will be constructed from a public interest rather than a commercial mindset.

Scope of the Narratives

The terms ‘parks’ and ‘leisure’ are defined broadly. A working definition of ‘park’ is ‘An area of public land largely open to the sky and designated for nature conservation and/or public recreation’. A working definition of ‘leisure’ is ‘The creative expression of one’s natural talents and passionate interests for the sheer intrinsic joy of the experience, be it physical, mental or even spiritual.’

The Narratives will include planning for the purposes of protecting parks and open space, but not ‘town and country planning’ in its own right. It includes environmental criteria for identifying and managing areas for leisure but not environmental policy or conservation practice in its own right.

Overview of Process

PaRC is to be built up progressively by a team of volunteers with expert knowledge, known as Content Creators, who discover or generate material which is then uploaded by Moderators. Some Content Creators will contribute on an ad hoc basis, perhaps for a single article, some will remain active in the long term. The network of Content Creators and Moderators is overseen by a Network Coordinator, contactable via

All original Narratives will be validated (peer-reviewed) by at least two other experts (before or after initial publication), confirmed again by the author, endorsed by a Moderator, then amended continuously after endorsement. They will normally be bylined.


Keyword searching will operate across a number of fields in the metadata record, including title, abstract, keywords and the broad category field.

Dictionary and style

To ensure consistency in the use of key terms, a glossary is available. This is a work in progress and Content Creators are invited to improve it. A style guide when writing original Narratives is also available.


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