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Category: Cultural heritage and awareness

traditional practices; indigenous narratives.

Greening Port Moresby – Book

In 1989, the National Capital District Interim Commission, the provincial government for the capital city of Papua New Guinea, published a guide to gardening in the city, compiled by the Manager, Parks, Gardens and Sports with the assistance of many staff and other contributors.

The book has parallel texts in English, Tok Pisin (Melanesian Pidgin) and Papuan Motu.

The book has been scanned to make it available to a wide audience. Given the size of the files, the book has been split into sections. But before opening or downloading the book, please read the warning at the foot of this post.

Front cover, inside cover, frontispiece, inside back cover, back cover (15MB)

Pages 1-68 (44MB)

Colour photos in centre

Pages 93-160


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Development of a Melanesian Port-City – 1989

This conference paper was delivered by Mr Jack Kutal, a Commissioner of Port Moresby’s National Capital District Interim Commission, to a international conference in May 1989. Although the headline subject is somewhat outside the scope of PaRC, the paper does contain useful insights into city design and also into some differences between European culture and Melanesian culture.

NCDIC was the provincial government for the capital of Papua New Guinea.



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Australian Heritage Parks Association

The Australian Heritage Parks Association was a national group representing the owners and managers of theme parks with a heritage theme. Members as at 1986 are listed in the 1986 Conference program.

PaRC has not been able to contact the former office-bearers. The group’s company registration was terminated in 2008. Any former office-bearer or member representative is invited to improve this stub of a narrative.

6th Biennial Conference – Echuca

PaRC has uncovered some papers from its 6th Biennial Conference, held at Echuca, Victoria in 1986, including a list of attendees.

Reference in the National Library of Australia catalogue.

Funding the Dream by keynote Crawford Lincoln

Preserving Technologies by T.J. Hobson

Historic Buildings and the Heritage Park by Allan Willingham

Knowing Your Visitor: A Survey of Visitor Types by Philip Pearce

Management Structures and Systems for Resolving Conflict by Paul Power.



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Werribee Park and Point Cook Visitor Leaflets

PaRC does not usually save ephemera, such as visitor leaflets, but we have come across a batch of material from the pre-digitisation era and have decided to post them here as part of the historical record. However, readers are urged not to rely upon the information here without checking against modern material.

Point Cook leaflet

A compilation of visitor materials including trail guides and teachers’ materials (compressed to reduce download time at the expense of resolution). Readers who can demonstrate a need to have the original scanned file at 41.8 MB should contact PaRC). (to come)

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Papua New Guinea – Sogeri SingSing and Mosbi Show 1987

PaRC does not normally showcase ephemera such as event brochures, but we make an exception for these two guides to significant cultural events, found in our archives.

The guide to the Port Moresby Show 1987 (16.1MB) interestingly includes advertisements for tobacco products.


The guide to the Sogeri SingSing 1987 (10MB) presents brief explanations of dances from the provinces.


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