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MidCoast Recreational Boating Infrastructure Plan 2024 – 2035

MidCoast Recreational Boating Infrastructure Plan 2024 – 2035


This boating infrastructure plan is part of the MidCoast Parks and Recreation Planning Portfolio.


It covers more than a hundred individual boating assets, which include boat ramps, pontoons and jetties, across our coastline, rivers and lakes, many of which are sensitive ecosystems. The Plan not only focuses on the assets but also on the activities that are conducted on the waterways, and which use the facilities. Environmental protection is the main focus of the Plan.

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Recreation Management Workshop – Brisbane Forest Park, October 1985

This compilation (29 MB) has far more useful information about the resources of the Brisbane Forest Park region than the title suggests. There are valuable accounts of the region’s natural resources, for just one example. This copy is lacking pages after 286.

Management Perpectives
Regional and Community Perspectives – Dr. David Pitts 1.
Management of Brisbane Forest Park – Mr. Bill Carter 5
Management of National Parks – Mr. Mark Gough 11
Water Catchment Management – Mr. Bill Huxley 17
Mt. Coot-tha Management – Mr. Ross McKinnon 45
Forestry Management – Mr. Geoff Swartz 51

Park Resources
Research and Management of Geo-resources – Mr. Errol Stock 61
Soils – Mr. David Aust 73
Vegetation – Mr. Peter Young 83
Aquatic Resources – Mr. Hamar Midgley 99
Animal Resources – Dr. Kristene Plowman 105
Archaeological Record & Implication Introduction – Mr. Bob McQueen 109
Historical Record – Mr. Peter Marquis-Kyle 115
Counting the Users – Dr. Lex Brown and Ms. Leanne Wilks 121
Educational Uses by Brisbane C.A.E. – Mr. B. Cooke & Mr. I. Marsh 129

The Data Base
Rainforests – Mr. Bill McDonald 1.53
Open Forests and Woodlands – Professor Trevor Clifford 165
Climbing Plants – Ms. Elwyn Hegarty 169
Lichens – Dr. Rob Roberts 181
Themeda/Imperata Grass under story of Open Eucalypt Forest – Mr. Hendrik Dierich 187
Ecology of. Ferns and Fern Allies – Mr. Peter Bostok 189
Life Expectancy of Leaves of Wilkea macrophylla at Mt. Glorious – Dr. Rob Rogers 195
Vertebrate Fauna – Dr. Kristine Plowman 199
Management Studies – Mr. Peter Ogilvie 223
Utilisation of Lantana camara by Birds and Small Mammals – Dr. Peter Driscoll and Mr. Greg Quinlan 239
Habitat Utilisation by Rattus fuscipes and R. tunneyi – Mr. Neil White 247
A Suggested Timing for Controlled Forest Burning Based on Observations of Fledgling Vulnerability in Moggill State Forest – Mr. Peter’ Slater

Management Influences
Community Influences – Mr. Ken Stevenson 263
User Impacts in Rose Gum Flats. Picnic Ground – Mr. David Bluhdorn 269

Futures for and around Brisbane Forest Park
Recreation Planning For The Future – Ms. Dale Anderson 279
A possible future for Brisbane Forest Park – Mr. Bill Carter 285
A Viewpoint from the Department of Forestry – Mr. Peter Cranny 289
National Parks – Mr. Noel Dawson 295

Workshop Reports
Floristic Data Base Implications, Deficiencies and Recommendations – Dr. Bob Johnson.. ………….. 303
The Animal Data Base Dr. Greg Gordon & Dr. K. Plowman 307
Notes on Seminar-Management Influences – Dr. John Waite. …… 315
Notes on Seminar-Management Influences – Dr. David Lamb…… 319

Review Status: Pending

Wyperfeld, Albacutya, Hattah and other Mallee and West Wimmera parks

   Photo of Mallee Fowl on its nest, Little Desert National Park, photo by Clive Crouch.


A leaflet dated 1985 includes a list of parks in north-western Victoria and is followed by a nature trail guide for Wyperfeld.


This circular letter introduces the Friends of Wyperfeld, established in 1976, the second Friends of National Parks group, following in the footsteps of Friends of Organ Pipes, established in 1972.


Guides to Hattah Lakes – Trees, Vegetation, Nature Trail – can be found by entering “Hattah” into the Document Library search box.


A landmark report The Need for Reservations in Desert Settlement resulting from a conference held in Nhill in 1964 is more than just one of the earliest salvos in the debates over land use in the Little Desert; it includes accounts of the contemporary views of district people and also includes appendices with lists of flora and fauna, even though there have been amendments subsequently.


Review Status: Pending

The Great Yarra Parklands & The Yarra River Action Plan

About the most recent strategic initiative in metropolitan open space is The Yarra River Action Plan produced in 2017 and which aims to “recognise the network of parklands along the Yarra as part of the one integrated living whole natural asset; improve community access to, movement along and on the river; increase opportunities to enjoy the river parklands for people of all ages and abilities; and create more destinations and improve visitor experiences – a blueprint designed to keep the Yarra alive.”

Other sources of reference include:

  • Concept Plan: Lower Yarra River (Spencer Street to Punt Road) 1981
  • Upper Yarra Valley and Dandenong Ranges Regional Strategy Plan 1982
  • Upper Yarra River Management Strategy 1985
  • Concept Plan: Lower Yarra River (Punt Road to Dights Falls) 1986
  • Upper Yarra River: Revegetation and Land Management Guidelines 1987
  • Melbourne’s Open Space 1988
  • Lower Yarra River – Landscape Guidelines 1988
  • Lower Yarra River – Punt Road to Dights Falls: Vegetation Management Guidelines 1989
  • Middle Yarra Concept Plan – Dights Falls to Burke Road 1990
  • Yarra River: Use and Development Guidelines (Docklands to Punt Road) 1991
  • Middle Yarra Concept Plan – Burke Road to Watsons Creek 1991 and 1993
  • Melbourne’s Strategic Off-Road Recreational Trail Network 1996
  • Open Space 2000
  • Lower Yarra River Future Directions Plan & Recreation Guidelines – April 2001 (for water based uses between the Bay and Dights Falls)
  • Linking People and Spaces – 2002 and (updated) 2010.
Review Status: Pending

Waverley Park Plan of Management

Waverley Park PoM

Waverley Park is located in Bondi Junction in the eastern suburbs of Sydney. It is the largest park within the Waverley municipality. It contains passive recreation space, sports facilities, contemporary play facilities and an extensive path network.


The WPMP is a contemporary PoM that contains up to date thinking on public open space management and provides the framework for other PoM produced in recent times.

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MidCoast Sports Lighting Plan

MidCoast Sports Lighting Plan – Final

In 2022 and 2023 MidCoast Council developed the MidCoast Open Space and Recreation Strategy 2023-2035 (OSRS). The Strategy is a twelve-year plan to manage both the public open space in MidCoast along with the activities that take place on that space.

The Strategy includes a comprehensive Action Plan, that detailed many actions that need to be undertaken throughout the public open space portfolio to bring it up to contemporary standards. During the development of the Strategy and its Action Plan it was identified that much of the built facilities located on our public open space, in particular our sports facilities, were at an unacceptable standard, or could be expected to reach the end of their life during the lifecycle of the Strategy.

One of the planning recommendations contained in the Strategy’s Action Plan was the development of a Sports Lighting Plan. The purpose of the Plan is the identification of all existing sports lighting infrastructure, in particular the lighting poles and luminaries, and the identification of new sports lighting infrastructure that would be needed in the future. The Plan deals with sports facilities only and does not detail lighting provided in passive public open space.

The purpose of the Sports Lighting Plan 2023 – 2035 is to:

Deliver a comprehensive and prioritised plan for the provision of contemporary sports lighting to sports facilities in the MidCoast region.

The Sports Lighting Plan 2023 – 2035 aims to:

Provide a plan that will guide Council in planning for and providing infrastructure that meets the community’s needs for night-time sports.

The Plan contains the current asset list as well as a future works schedule for our sports lighting infrastructure.

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MidCoast Outdoor Sports Court Strategy

MidCoast Outdoor Sports Court Strategy – Final

The MidCoast Outdoor Sports Court Strategy 2023 – 2035 is a critical supporting document to the
MidCoast Open Space and Recreation Strategy 2023 – 2035 (OSRS). The OSRS sets out the vision,
guiding principles and aspirations for our public open space, how we use it and how we care for it. This
Court Strategy is an asset specific planning document focused on one of the components of our public
open space, outdoor sports courts.

One of the eight guiding principles we have adopted in the OSRS is use knowledge and evidence based

Therefore, the Outdoor Sports Court Strategy has been developed based on a foundation of evidence,
and every recommendation contained within the Action Plan is then based on that evidence. This
approach will ensure that in the future every sports court that we have will be where it needs to be and
provide value based on evidence.

The Strategy highlights that sports courts are provided for several different sports, namely; tennis,
croquet, netball, basketball, and emerging sports such as pickleball. Some of these sports have a rich
history in Australia and our region. Sports such as tennis and croquet were introduced in the 1800’s and
many courts were built. You can still see them in our small villages, such as Krimbiki and Killabakh.
These facilities were the centre of each community, with picnics and dances being held at the
community halls often built right next to the tennis or croquet court. People would travel for many miles
to attend these events. There is a legacy with these facilities and the Strategy respects this. The
Strategy also looks at more modern sports such as netball and basketball, and most recently pickleball.

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