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The Narratives component of the Parks and Recreation Collection is intended to present a continually updated summary of knowledge in each specific field, through a process that bridges scholarly disciplines, practitioner experience and casual observations from the public. Each Narrative is drafted by a competent person and then subjected to peer review by two anonymous experts – in scholarly circles, termed “single-blind peer review”. The review status is indicated at the foot of each Narrative: ‘Pending’, ‘In progress’ and ‘Completed.’ ‘Completed’ signifies that the text has been revised to take account of the reviews and is deemed to have been finalised.

However Narratives once ‘Completed’ are subject to continual refinement over time in the light of feedback from the public, both by amending the text and by appending observations, anecdotes or supplementary information. All suggested amendments and additions should be forwarded to the Moderator either by email to parc AT or via the template on the Support the PaRC project page. In this way the library will build depth and breadth.

The library will differ from a standard web search in that all materials will be validated, sorted and placed within a coherent analytical framework. Previously published reports will be lodged in the Document library and will be available online by internal hotlinks within each article. As far as possible, the Narratives will avoid relying upon hot links to external Internet sources, as these are impermanent.

It is hoped that lecturers will use the Narratives repository when preparing course materials.

Target Audience

The target audience includes:

  • professionals and practitioners, including potential practitioners (cadets, trainees, VET candidates);
  • supervisors, managers and executives in the parks and leisure sectors;
  • academics and students of the parks and leisure disciplines and related disciplines such as town planning, surveying and psychology;
  • librarians;
  • journalists looking for reliable context;
  • policy analysts within government and peak bodies;
  • casual enquirers.

Guide for Content Creators

A style guide and a dictionary of key terms for authors of Narratives are available.