Managing P&L Organisations

This page is allocated to various guidelines, procedures, templates and explanatory advices on how parks and leisure practitioners can successfully apply their craft in complex modern organisations, whether public authorities, community groups or commercial firms.

Many of these will be uploaded in Word (*.docx) format so that they can be customised for a particular park or leisure department. However, this means that they may lose their formatting when downloaded.

Contributions are welcome as this page is intended to be interactive. Documents presented here can be labelled or anonymised, as the contributor wishes.


A guideline of the Queensland Department of Natural Resources and Mines, Implementing NRM Plans: Ensuring that ‘Something Happens’ after a Plan is Approved, contains advice useful for many of the subjects itemised below. How to select members of an advisory committee, the different powers of a public authority and concepts like landholder’s duty of care, decentralisation of authority and coordination of others’ capacities are explained.



Position descriptions

Contract, labour hire or employee?

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Project briefs

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Permitting procedures

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Public budgeting

Management consulting

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Advisory committees

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